Sea of tranquilliy (USA)

(02 Sep 2013)

Karonte is a death metal band from Spain consisting of Isma (bass), Kini (guitars, vocals), Rochar (drums) and Belí (guitar). Paraíso Sin Fe is the band’s second album.

I am not at all familiar with the music scene in Spain and black metal is not a genre I have dabbled in very much. That said, what I hear on Karonte’s latest are bone crushing riffs, pummeling drums and furious growls courtesy of Kini. The songs are fairly similar to one another and at times I had trouble distinguishing one from the other but I will say they do have a good sense of melody. Often the songs start at a blistering tempo before slowing down allowing the listener to breathe a little deeper. For me, the best part of the CD are the emotionally charged guitar solos. Overall they are well done with lots of sustained notes and plenty of feel.

Although these songs did not not jump out and grab me by the throat, I thought the melodies in “Mercado Infecto” and “Falaris” were pretty solid.

Also worth mentioning is the album artwork. It is well done with suitably demonic photographs. I cannot comment on the lyrics as they are in Spanish.

For melodic death metal I think Karonte does an admirable job. As I already stated this is not my favourite type of music but overall Karonte has put out a professionally packaged album that will likely appeal to fans of the genre.