Tempelores Magazine (Holanda)

(08 Jul 2013)

Karonte is an Extreme Metal formation from northern Spain and according themselves the most experienced one. The band is formed in 1994. Except from some demo’s/promo’s there has not been a big release since 2006 when the band came with a full length album called “Letargo”. Then it remained quiet for some years until 2013 when the band comes with a follow up “Paraíso Sin Fe”.

The band is up for some Death metal. This brought in the old school way. The guys put a whole lot of aggression into their sound and does not leave any space for a compromise with more modern styles. It has its charm, the dedication to this style, bring it as brutal as it can and while the band has found inspiration out of bands like Gorefest they seem to have their own face as well. Some parts they take a step back and let some slower passages take the shine. As a few points to mention it may be that the drums are quite fallen back in their sound, which could have been more present here and there. Also the production seems a little flat here and there. Just minor points that the band could change, but overall “Paraíso Sin Fe” is a good album that will fall well with the fans of the old school Death.