Zombie Ritual Fanzine (México)

(05 Mar 2013)

What a great surprise I had with this Spanish! It seems that they are the oldest metal band from Cantabria area, and definitely they know the business. This is death metal solid and extremely matured through consistent guitar riffs and great compositions.

I have to say that this band is away from arrogant complexity, but they know who to drive great tempo changes and excellent guitar arrangements. Actually, the guitar is an aspect to underline because the sound is fucking heavy and demolishing, and fits perfectly on the production. As aforementioned, they don’t do complex guitar riffs, but this music in not simple. They have good references from heavy metal, and all melodies are rooted in professional vibes of the genre.

Also, the vocalist sings in native language, and gives a particular perspective to the music. For moments they deliver some great thrash metal guitar riffs, like on “El Dia de las Alabanzas” and the taste is exquisite. They’ve the knowledge, and mix both genres with no problems. My favorite is “Paraiso sin Fe”, which reminds me the gang side of American death metal in the early 90’s, if you know what I mean.

Also, last song has interesting blues guitar vibes in the solo. Anyhow, this band keeps the rotten roots and they have no false poses. It is death metal solid and isolated melodically speaking, for lovers of underground bands coming from Europe. – Victor Varas